Foods & Pregnancy

Eggs eaten raw or undercooked (fried, soft boiled) or preparations based on raw or undercooked eggs (homemade mayonnaise, sauces and creams, tiramisu) can pose a risk for Salmonella.

For this reason, in particular during pregnancy, the consumption of raw or undercooked eggs and derived products is not recommended. Raw or undercooked egg products are dangerous even after freezing; in fact, bacteria may multiply during thawing. However, there is no risk for cooked eggs or industrially produced egg products, as they are usually pasteurised.

Watch out for cross-contamination of eggs already cooked with raw animal products or cross-contamination of raw eggs with ready-to-eat foods, utensils and work surfaces.


How to reduce microbiological food risks

Unfortunately, it is not possible to recognise food contaminated by pathogenic micro-organisms:
contaminated food shows no changes in colour, smell, appearance or taste.

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to reduce the risk of contracting diseases of microbiological origin transmitted by food.