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Meat and sausages

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Fresh meat consumed raw or undercooked and cured meats or sausages that are not aged very long (less than 30 days), especially if homemade, can pose a risk for Toxoplasma, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella, Campylobacter and E.coli. In particular, poultry meat more than others is easily a vehicle for Salmonella and Campylobacter, while beef is a vehicle for E.coli.

For this reason, especially during pregnancy, the consumption of raw or undercooked meats and the consumption of cured meats and sausages that are not aged very long is not recommended. All meat products that are cooked and consumed quickly can be considered safe foods.

If you choose to eat cooked processed meats (e.g. cooked ham, mortadella, turkey breast), it is better to avoid processed meats from the deli counter because of the risk of cross-contamination; it is better to purchase pre-packaged trays from industrial production. In any case, it is best to consume processed meats within a few days.

Watch out for cross-contamination of stored meat products, do not consume them without adequate and uniform heating.

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How to reduce microbiological food risks

Unfortunately, it is not possible to recognise food contaminated by pathogenic micro-organisms:
contaminated food shows no changes in colour, smell, appearance or taste.

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